Amazon Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro Quiz Answers 2021

Amazon Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro Quiz Answers 2021

Question 1: The latest Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro provides superior sound quality with Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive technology
Answer: True

Question 2: Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro offers up to __ hours of playback time with a charging case.
Answer: 30

Question 3: Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro is equipped with the Qualcomm® QCC3040 Chipset which elevates the listening experience. What other features do the earbuds offer?
Answer: All of the above

Question 4: Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro comes with the latest Bluetooth __ technology ensuring fast & durable connectivity.
Answer: 5.2

Question 5: Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro features Smart In-ear Detection which automatically pauses audio playback upon taking the earbuds off and resumes once they are put back on.
Answer: True

Important Information About Quiz:

Quiz Date: 3rd September 2021 To 30th September 2021

Total Winner: 10

Total Prize: Mi Watch Revolve Active

Winner Announcement Date: 15th November 2021

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