Amazon Literacy Day Quiz answers 2021

Amazon Literacy Day Quiz answers 2021

Question 1: In 2005, in collaboration with the government of China, UNESCO started a literary prize named after which philosopher?
Answer: Confucius

Question 2: In 1990, the critical role of literacy was highlighted at the World Conference on Education for All, held in which country?
Answer: Thailand

Question 3: Literacy is closely related to which of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations?
Answer: Goal 4: Quality Education

Question 4: What is the government of India’s flagship program for the achievement of Universalization of Elementary Education in a time-bound manner?
Answer: Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

Question 5: International Literacy Day celebrations have taken place around the world since which year?
Answer: 1967

Important Information About Quiz:


Quiz Date: 2nd September To 16th September 2021

Total prize amount: 10000

Total Winner: 1

Winner Announcement Date: 27th September 2021



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