Amazon Good Friday Quiz Answer For Today

Amazon Good Friday Quiz Answers for Today- Win Free 25000 Rupee

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Amazon Good Friday Quiz Answers for Today ke sabhi question and answer niche diye ja rahe hai jo apko Amazon Good Friday Quiz Answers for Today ko play karne me apki madad karenge aur apko 25000 rupee jeetane me apki madad karenge

Amazon Good Friday Quiz Answers For Today

Amazon Good Friday Quiz Answers for Today

Question 1: In German-speaking countries, Good Friday is often referred to as Karfreitag which means what in German?

Answer:  Mourning Friday

Question 2: The story of Jesus’ last days is known by which of these names, that would remind you of a movie directed by Mel Gibson?

Answer:  The Passion of Christ

Question 3: Some church services on Good Friday, conclude with the bell tolling how many times in succession to represent each year of Jesus’ life?

Answer:  33

Question 4: In Bermuda, locals celebrate Good Friday by doing something which symbolizes Christ’s ascension to heaven. What are we talking about?

Answer:  Flying Kites

Question 5: On Good Friday in Bensheim there is a large procession, one of the biggest in the world. In which country is Bensheim located?

Answer:  Germany

Question 6: In Ireland, for 90 years, establishments were barred from selling what on Good Friday, till the ban was lifted in 2018?

Answer:  Alcohol

Important Information About Amazon Good Friday Quiz Answers for Today:

Quiz Date: 31st March 2021 To 13th April 2021

Total Winner: 2

Prize Money: 25000 Rupee

Winner Announcement Date: 24th April 2021

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