Amazon find your protein quiz answers 2021

Amazon find your protein quiz answers 2021

1. Fast&Up ‘Your nutrition partner in fitness, immunity & daily good health’ stands for intelligent nutrition. True or False? Hint – Watch the video till the end to answer

Ans: (A) TRUE

2. According to the video, what are the two whey proteins launched by Fast&Up?

Ans: (C) Fast&Up Whey Advanced & Whey Essentials

3. Fast&Up Whey Protein contains 100% pure whey protein?

Ans: (A) TRUE

4. What are the main features which make Fast&Up Whey Protein superior to any other whey protein in the market?

Ans: (D) All of the Above

5. Fast&Up Advanced Whey is the trusted ‘Choice of Protein’ of which Bollywood actor & celebrity? (watch the video again to know)

Ans: (A) Barun Dhawan

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