Amazon Alexa Built-in phone quiz Answers 2021

Amazon Alexa Built-in phone quiz Answers 2021- Win 10000 Free

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Amazon ke new quiz Amazon Alexa Built-in phone quiz Answers 2021 me participate Kare aur jeete 10000 rupee,amazon app download kare aur quiz ko play kare,quiz se sambandhit sabhi question aur answer niche diye ja rahe hai jo apko quiz khelne me madad karega,

Amazon Alexa Built-in phone quiz Answers 2021

Question 1: Alexa Built-In phones give you Hands-Free access to Alexa. Question – Based on the video, what do you think is Alexa Hands-Free?

Answer: Use Alexa through Voice without touching the phone

Question 2: What can Alexa help you with?

Answer 2: All the above and more

Question 3: In which languages can you interact with Alexa?

Answer: English and Hindi

Question 4: The Echo Dot costs around Rs. 4,499 and allows you to talk Hands-Free with Alexa. How much would it cost for you to use Alexa on Alexa Built-In smartphones?

Answer: Nothing, it’s absolutely free.

Question 5: Did you know you can access Alexa through Touch on any smartphone. Question – What is Alexa’s favorite color? Download the Alexa app on your phone and just ask Alexa to get this answer!

Answer: Ultraviolet

Question 6: Which of the following phones have Alexa Built-In?

Answer: All of the above & more

Important Information About Quiz:

Quiz Date: February 19 to March 15

Total Number Of Winner: 10

Total Prize Won: 10000

Winner Announcement Date: 31st march 2021

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